Steve Kornacki somehow became the sex symbol when the American political election took so many days to call and individuals started slipping into delusional states while watching hours associated with coverage of numbers getting shouted at them. Plus it went far beyond Dorrie just making people’ s i9000 nether parts tingle. Today reports that The Distance has seen a rise in khaki sales and so they think it’ s due to the fact Steve was getting all of us hot and bothered during sensible business-casual khakis.

“ Map guy” 41-year-old Steve Kornacki grew to become a social media moment throughout the election when his numerical prowess and charm taken the hearts of the individuals. A hashtag #TrackingKornacki trended on Twitter and Weekend break TODAY co-anchor Peter Alexander called him “ part political junkie, part human calculator, component Energizer Bunny. ” Steve even taken Leslie Jones ‘ heart:

Naturally, this kind of majestic creature would create a stir, but he furthermore caused an economic boom. Throughout the broadcast, Steve wore khakis, a button-down, and a link, and for some reason, these khakis stole the display. New York Mag identified the particular pants as The Gap as well as the company has since informed TODAY there was a “ dramatic embrace online traffic and in just a day, we saw close to 90% unit sale enhance online. ”

Sam confirmed on-air that he enjoys those Gap khakis:

“ I’ ve got a bunch of all of them. ”

Meanwhile, his election night time tie did not receive the equivalent love and I guess obtained frayed from trying to maintain all of Steve’ s basic math equations for days within a row.

Dorrie just got himself the gig! Gap should employ him as a spokesperson. The 10-year-deal with Kanye West seems like a huge waste of your time and money when all you require to sell some khakis is really a charming, nerdy white girl who can count.

Pic: Twitter