This election, it is more important than ever to drop every thing and vote. But when we all say “everything, ” all of us don’t mean quite that much!

RepresentUs , a nonpartisan company focused on voting rights, a new particularly revealing PSA in order to draw attention to “naked ballot” laws for mail-in voting. To do so, they recruited many celebs to educate viewers around the rules — while “completely butt ass naked, ” as Tiffany Haddish states.

Other naked celebs include Chris Rock , Amy Schumer , Chelsea Handler , Naomi Campbell , Mark Ruffalo , Sarah Silverman (and her dad), Josh Gad , Thomas Michelle Bathe , plus Borat (aka Sacha Baron Cohen , who stays dressed in the particular clip — thankfully). Silverman can be seen holding her own breasts in the video, joking:

“There is not a man behind me, they are my hands. … In truth, I wish I could protect my hands with the boobs, but here we have been. ”

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The particular PSA goes on to inform voters how to properly handle their own mail-in ballots. (Making certain to read the instructions carefully is certainly step #1. ) Within 16 states, including essential battleground state Pennsylvania, mail-in ballots are required to be put into two envelopes — 1 inside of the other — otherwise the ballot will get disposed of and your vote won’t become counted.

Ch-ch-check out the PSA (below) for more info, and make sure you possess a voting plan! Nude delete word, your country needs a person!

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Oct ’07, 2020 18: 02pm PDT

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