Dork Chappelle may capture the mood such as few others can… and can make a few people laugh  and hurt a few others all whilst doing it!

The particular comedian was the guest sponsor of last night’s show of  Saturday Evening Live , and he recognized his time in the limelight by incisively explaining so what happened in 2020 for their opening monologue. The Kansas native perfectly summed upward just how bat s**t insane this past year has really already been (above), with a 16-minute arranged running down everything crazy, wild, and unexpected that people all just collectively experienced.

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And it wasn’t only the extended opening monologue that will brought everybody’s attention to final night’s episode of  Saturday Night Live , either!

For just one, Chappelle and musical visitor the  Foo Practitioners got together to produce a very special (and bold) 2020 prediction as part of the display in a particularly memorable virus-like moment:

And the show had to scramble a bit, too, and handle a  Joe Biden –  Kamala Harris victory speech cold open up, as the new episode arrived hours after the news networks the election in Biden’s prefer on Sunday morning.

From this article you can see (below),   John Carrey ‘s guest-starring run as Biden ongoing here, and the show never skipped a beat when it came to really sensation out the characters which are our political leaders:

Just understood something, however… does this particular mean no more  Alec Baldwin playing  Donald Trump ?! Maybe he’ll pop-up a time or two within the next few weeks before Trump formally leaves office in The month of january, but now that The Donald dropped his re-election bid, you would assume he’ll slink upon back to private life (goodness, we hope).

If he does, after that, that’d mean Baldwin’s Trump portrayal is likely done — or nearly done — for good. Aw, man! Unfortunately, we’d rather have Trump formally out of office than suffer from him for four a lot more years just to get Baldwin. LOLz!!!

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Besides all that, Chappelle was solid elsewhere through the entire show, as you can see in a few outlined skits and sketches (below):

Love it!

So that as they always do anywhere they go, the Foo Practitioners rocked the house with 2 live performances on final night’s new episode, as well (below):


Aside from all that, here are all of the rest of the sketches and skits from last night’s show, too:

There you have it!

Reactions, Perezcious visitors?! What did U consider last night’s show, specially in light of the election outcomes and everything going down simply hours before on Sunday morning??

Audio OFF about everything together with your opinions and takes, many down in the comments (below)!

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