How many messy affairs have been revealed through pap pics in recent months??? Are usually celebs just giving absolutely no effs these days or exactly what??

Apparently, all of us weren’t the only ones amazed by those pictures associated with Lily Wayne and Dominic West getting romantic in Ancient rome — sadly, so was his spouse. The actor has been wedded to Irish landscape developer Catherine FitzGerald for ten years, and according to sources dripping to DailyMail. com , she was totally unaware of any issues — right up until the PDA pictures hit the press. Wow no…

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An insider informed the outlet:

“Catherine has seen the particular pictures and she’s emaciated. ”

The confidant continued:

“I arrived over to speak with her the moment I knew about them. Catherine has been trying to speak with Dominic but he’s not responding to his phone. She’s completely shocked because she did not know anything was taking place. They were very much together, which means this is completely out of the blue. She believed they had a good marriage and today it’s probably over. That is how she feels right now however the two of them need to talk but at the moment, she’s dropped for words. ”

WOW. Issue is true, the 50-year-old’s habits was pretty brazen. Just by the pictures, the  Affair superstar was parading around Ancient rome, wedding ring off, with an celebrity nearly 20 years his younger, neither of them seeming in order to care much about obtaining caught. Now you’re informing us all this time his spouse had NO CLUE some thing suspicious was going down at the rear of her back? AND he ghosted her when she discovered?

Questionable AF!

An additional source — the family’s gardener, per the outlet  — said:

“This is their particular family home and as you can see it is a wonderful place. They’ve obtained great kids and anything that you can imagine. Catherine was emaciated when she saw all those pics and they also left all of us feeling quite numb. It is a total shock to all people who know them. ”

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Catherine, who shares 4 children with The Wire alum, has apparently already been getting support from others who live nearby in this difficult moment. A good insider shared:

“To say she’s in shock would be a good understatement. She’s heartbroken and it has got nothing to openly say. She needs to be still left alone and have some time in order to herself. ”

We can’t picture what she must be dealing with!

This switch of events raised eye brows for the rest of us, not only because of the illicit nature of the partnership between the costars, but also due to the fact for a second there this seemed like Lily might have something taking place with Chris Evans , who was more available plus slightly more age-appropriate. But the cardiovascular wants what the heart desires, we suppose…

We’ll definitely be keeping track of this situation as it develops!

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