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Yesterday Dominic West, wedded father of five, was outed as a cheater pumpkin eater right after he was papped massaging up on 31-year-old actress Lily James in Rome. The 2 co-stars of the upcoming BBC One miniseries The Pursuit of Love (um, great publicity, by the way) allegedly remained at a hotel together the whole weekend. Apparently, this was completely new information to Dominic’s spouse of ten years/mother in order to four of his children, Catherine FitzGerald. A source stated she was “devastated” and  under the impression they had the “good marriage”. And goddamn Dominic wasn’t even responding to her calls! Women almost everywhere replied with cringe-face, “awww, sweetieeee”, and a “thiiis motherfucker”.

Welp, time to dual down on that cringe-face, due to the fact today 50-year-old Dominic (sans wedding ring) and 49-year-old Catherine (left hand in pocket) marched out to the front of the London home, delivered the signed note to reporters that said, “Our marriage is strong plus we’re very much still together” , and smiled plus kissed for the cameras. Huh, they went with The Good Wife approach!

Here are the pics:

Um, will “strong” mean something different within British slang? Like “blasted into smithereens by a wandering peen”?

The Internet got one look at that note plus cried, “HA! ” , spitting upward even more Lily/Dominic pap pictures from this past weekend. The one-time scooter tryst it was not; shit was an out-and-out The Event: When in Rome:

Either Dominic is a dirty, cheating canine, or he and his spouse have an arrangement. Either way, banging around with a movie star 20 years your junior in full look at of the paps has brought pity to the West-Fitzgerald home. Plus FYI… their other house is an Irish castle. Catherine’s family castle, not Dominic’s:

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I know what the note states, but something tells me Dominic won’t be swaggering about Glin Castle playing Irish nobleman for much longer. Obtain packin’, ya feckin’ gobshite!

Picture: Wenn. com