Are you thinking of buying a new or used car? Wondering which cars are worth your hard earned money? Investing in a car is a big decision. Most people research and try to be wise when investing in cars. I have found a youtube channel that is interesting and may help you with your decision. 

Scotty Kilmer is a youtuber who has a channel dedicated to spreading his knowledge of cars. He has been a mechanic for many years. I find his channel very interesting to listen too. I cannot say that you will agree with all of his information, but it is definitely useful. I think he has a good personality and is fun to listen too. I have learned a lot from listening to his channel.

I have found many other channels who do what Scotty does. I figured that I would share his channel because I enjoy listening to his short clips and find him interesting. I have no affiliation with Scotty Kilmer or his channel. I have never spoken to him. I just want to share things that I find interesting. It is up to you to use your own intuition when viewing his channel. I hope you enjoy!