Right after U. S. President Jesse Trump was accepted to the Walter Reed Nationwide Military Medical Center to be dealt with for COVID-19 , people through all over the United States travelled generally there to express their support. Inside a live coverage, The Epoch Times interviewed people of most ethnicities, including Chinese migrants from New York. People collected outside the medical center with their resting bags, tents, along with a many media on the scene.

I wonder if Chinese language leader Xi Jinping and his top-ranking officials have experienced this spontaneous and genuine support from the public. It really is absolutely different from the organized audiences frequently set up throughout officials’ inspection tours within China for publicity reasons.

Xi’s belated well-wishes seems like a sign of his embarrassment.

I hope Xi will certainly wake up from his dream to create China great . The effectiveness of a nation comes from the particular wholehearted support of the individuals and that’s what makes The united states great—it’s not merely a motto.

Xi great top officials should listen to the voices of the Chinese language people gathered at the clinic. They support a leader who truly cares for your people, and they hope individuals can vote for their personal president in China.

Is the CCP leadership still counting on Democratic president candidate Joe Biden ? Judging by the number of Trump followers who showed up at the clinic, Trump’s voter base is pretty strong.

At the same time, the CCP should inquire itself, how long will they will be able to stay in power?

When half of Cina was covered by torrential flooding and the northeast has been hit by typhoons , best CCP officials simply switched a blind eye plus hid themselves. How can these people claim to represent the people associated with China?

When confronted with international isolation, the CCP continues its “ wolf warrior” diplomacy and assaults international communities from most of aspects. Have they actually thought about whether they are competent to represent China? Once the U. S. government firmly differentiates between the Chinese Communist routine and the Chinese people , what right does the particular CCP have to dispute that will?

When the CCP leadership decided to conceal the particular pandemic plus regarded the people of Wuhan as if they were ill-fated, they will turned themselves into opponents of the people. When they chose to lock down Wuhan, deceive the planet along with the World Health Corporation , and constantly condemn other countries for shutting borders, they have turned them selves into an enemy from the world.

Once the CCP continues to persecute Uyghur Muslims in Xinjiang, Tibetans, ethnic Mongolians within Inner Mongolia, Falun Gong adherents, and other religious organizations and dissidents, they should understand that their brutal activities have already determined their destiny in history.

People who showed support for Trump showed the top CCP authorities what the real public viewpoint in America is.

Zhong Yuan is really a researcher focused on China’s politics system, the country’s democratization process, its human legal rights situation, and Chinese citizens’ livelihood. He began writing commentaries for the Chinese-language edition from the Epoch Times in 2020.

Views expressed in this article would be the opinions of the author , nor necessarily reflect the sights of The Epoch Times.