We’ve all fantasized about living in a cute Disney inspired house, haven’t we? Well, if you fall into that category, here’s your chance to turn your dream into reality because a super gorgeous house that resembles Disney cottages just went on sale. 

This significantly huge cottage sits over a small stone bridge in Olalla, Washington.

The house looks very much like cute houses we’ve all seen in Disney animations. 

The home is complete with stone walls and round doors which is giving us all the fairytale feels.

Check out the bedroom. Not bad, eh?

The website states that there’s not a single square corner in this Disney inspired house. 

I can imagine myself watching TV in this huge living room. 

So, do you love this house or what? 

If you are nodding ‘yes’ there’s a huge surprise for you because you haven’t even seen the best part yet! Are you ready? Okay, so the backyard is complete with this treehouse made from a bark of a real tree.  

Our fantasy home exists for real guys and it can be yours for $925,000. 

What do you think of this Disney inspired house? Let us know in the comments below.

(Viral Nova)