It is said the universe never offers you more than you can handle but… damn , universe, this is a lot well for someone!

British DISC JOCKEY Hannah Desires originally became available to fans about the girl breast cancer diagnosis back in 2017. Sadly, history repeated by itself on Wednesday when the lady shared a lengthy post upon Instagram about her trip — after being identified as having the disease once again in Feb of 2020.

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The particular 34-year-old returned to the medical center after feeling discomfort from her original site associated with surgery, where the doctors wound up discovering cancerous cells. Right after another surgery, she obtained news that she would need to continue receiving treatments. Hannah explained her decision in order to ultimately choose radiotherapy remedies based on research, intuition, plus her preference towards an even more natural path to healing.

Unfortunately, as the girl was about to begin radiotherapy, the girl was dealt another strike: news broke that the girl fiancée Luisa Eusse scammed on her with Strictly Come Dancing star Neil Jones !

What. The particular. Eff.

Desires wrote:

“My journey has exclusively been a mental fight, one that was made worse for any period after I was fooled, betrayed and publicly embarrassed by the person I was in the relationship with. It then really unexpectedly hit the nationwide tabloids.
The real reality of the situation is never told as with most tales that are written inside of chat media outlets I envision (the truth was in fact a lot more brutal) but just as I had been finishing the egg cold process (as a safety measure more than anything else) plus starting radiotherapy I suffered an extremely sudden, difficult plus pretty public break up which usually only added to the weight associated with life. It was a big punch me whilst I was straight down moment – or at least that is how it felt at that time. ”

“A lot more brutal” compared to we’d seen reported certainly! We’d heard about the relationship involving the dancers — how can we not, the way they march it??

Luisa Eusse Neil Jones Instagram (c) Luisa Eusse/Instagram

However the cheating? During a cancer fight?? Goodness, how awful! Hannah continued:

“F**k those days and several weeks were so tough as well as the state I was in only additional feelings of guilt due to the fact I needed to give my figure the correct sleep, food and power to heal from the treatment. I’m not even going to try and sugar coat this, I was not okay plus genuinely for the first time in my lifestyle, at points, I was not sure how, or even in the event that, I was gonna get through. ”

How devastating!

Thankfully, Hannah seems to have a good indomitable spirit, and was able to turn things around. The girl shared:

“I all just experienced too much and i didn’t possess answers to my many ‘why’ and ‘how’ questions yet after a period I stopped inquiring the why’s and the how’s and instead started requesting myself the ‘what’ questions… ‘what am i going to do to help myself? ’ Eventually I flipped the mindset from victim to manage. Cancer, heartbreak, whatever this is… you’ve either have to sink or you’ve have to swim and I sure ain’t sinking for shit. ”

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Of her unfaithful previous fiancée, the former soccer superstar concluded:

“Hindsight is a beautiful issue and I’ve since noticed that I was being saved just before it was too late and I am so f**king grateful for this. Everything is either a true blessing or a lesson and as tough as things can be at that time, through pain comes development and I think it’s really as easy as that. ”

WOW. Exactly what an incredible story. Hannah has overcome so much — we will definitely be keeping the girl in our thoughts and hoping her the best of good fortune in her ongoing wellness battle.

To get more specifics about Hannah’s malignancy journey, check out her articles (below):

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