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The last time we published about 41-year-old Diplo , he had been shrugging off Sia’s quite public demand to have sexual intercourse with him. And now we have got a story that might describe why Diplo didn’t would like to get with Sia. Is it mainly because she’s at least two decades as well old for him? Simply no! Not according to Diplo, it isn’t really like that when it comes to his connection with a TikTok famous 19-year-old named Quenlin Blackwell . Diplo swears there’s nothing going on involving the two of them, regardless of the proven fact that she currently lives in their home.

For that record, this is Quenlin, the 19-year-old from Dallas, Tx with 1 . 9 mil Instagram followers. She grew to become famous on Vine, after that YouTube, and now on TikTok, where she dances designed for tens of seconds at a time.

According to E! , this began five days ago right after Quenlin did a Q& A with her supporters, in which she claimed the lady was living with Diplo right now.


#greenscreenvideo @diplo thank you for always assisting my screaming antics

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Quenlin also published several TikTok videos known as, “ Living With Diplo: The Series. ” To prove without a darkness of a doubt exactly which usually Diplo she’s referring to, he’s appeared in one video in which he is generating her close to Los Angeles. Here he is dance with her in a latest TikTok:



♬ meet com força e com talento – ˚✧₊⁎lexie⁎⁺˳✧༚

I haven’t read anything about 41-year-old Diplo being an Airbnb extremely host who rents away rooms to social media-famous teenagers, so this situation seems like a live-in girlfriend matter. Diplo clearly heard all of the people wondering what the bang was up at their house, and so he described it on Twitter. Diplo claims that he’s Quenlin’s landlord, and despite what may look like, it’s not what looks like.

Shortly after Diplo swore almost everything was legit, along emerged this user who dug a ten-year-old tweet out there, that would imply Diplo prefers young girls. Based on the timeline, it could appear Diplo is discussing women who would be in their particular late teens. But based on Diplo, it has nothing related to nothing.

Then Diplo type of made things a bit more complicated by saying that he is the girl landlord, but also that he is collaborated on music along with her.

Diplo’s transition between “ She’s ONLY the tenant ” in order to “ She’s the roommate, sort-of ” to “ Yet we’re also friends ” to “ New music coming soon! ” only complicates things additional because that’s not a common situation to be in as a 41-year-old. It’s even more suspicious once you remember he appeared in a single of Quenlin’s TikTok video clip where she claimed the lady was living rent-free. Probably that’s the “ sarcastic and chaotic ” part Diplo had been referring to? But I did not know that filming TikTok video clips and being a chauffeur had been part of being a landlord. I am about to send this tale to my landlord with a remember that says, “ A person guys are able to do more than just examine my smoke detectors trying to raise my rent??? If you do, I’d like a ride in order to Wendy’s, please.

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