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According to Politico , the Trump Administration’s Department of Health and Human being Services (HHS) is spending $300 million of taxpayer bucks to put a positive spin upon Trump’s response to coronavirus plus jack him off. Plus helping with that will be Dennis Quaid , plus CeCe Winans , and possibly Garth Brooks , and Dr . Oz . But both Dennis plus CeCe claim the PSA is not political or a good endorsement of Trump. In the mean time, Jon Voight is loudly weeping someplace while sitting by the mobile phone .

Therefore , rather than pump $300 mil into federal relief money for Americans who dropped their jobs, or that are currently dealing with loan financial debt, funeral services, and medical center bills, the Trump administrative is reportedly taking that will money and funneling this into a massive ad blitz campaign designed to praise your pet for how he taken care of the pandemic. via Politico:

The general public awareness campaign, which HHS is seeking to start dialectic before Election Day upon Nov. 3, was mainly conceived and organized simply by Michael Caputo , the health department’s best spokesperson who took healthcare leave last week and introduced on Thursday that he have been diagnosed with cancer. Caputo, that has no medical or medical background, claimed in a Fb video on Sept. thirteen that the campaign was “demanded of me by the chief executive of the United States. Personally. ”

“The Democrats — plus, by the way, their conjugal press and the leftist scientists which are working for the government — are usually dead set against this, ” Caputo told their Facebook followers in the September. 13 video. “They are not able to afford for us to have worthwhile news before November due to the fact they’re already losing.. They are going to come after me personally because I’m going to become putting $250 million really worth of ads on the surroundings. ”

HHS denies that the PSA campaign is political, however the Democrats are already investigating plus sources are side-eyeing the usage of taxpayer money:

But ten current and former wellness officials told POLITICO they have concerns about the campaign’s range, goals and even how it is often funded — by tugging money out of health firms like the Centers for Condition Control that are in the midst of battling the pandemic, rather than dealing with lawmakers to set up a brand-new advertising effort with congressional oversight, or drawing on significant internal resources and knowledge in running health-related community service campaigns.

Dennis Quaid plus CeCe Winans have already documented interviews and HHS is attempting to get Doctor Oz plus Garth Brooks to report something. BUT WAIT, Dennis Quaid popped up on Instagram yesterday to say that the “ cancel culture media” claimed he or she endorsed Trump in an advertising campaign ad and that’s incorrect. While looking like Jimmy Neutron’s pepaw, Dennis said this individual did an interview with Dr . Fauci to talk about what we can perform to continue to fight coronavirus and that he was not taken care of it. Dennis has praised Trump’s response in order to COVID-19 before, so….

CeCe Winans claimed it wasn’t political either, and he or she interviewed Doctor General Jerome Adams to talk about the importance of mask-wearing:

But well, whether or not Dennis and CeCe got politics, one famous person offers gotten political today. The Rock , who says he’s a completely independent and centrist, endorsed Joe Biden and Kamala Harris . So if Dennis’ ad is not an endorsement for Trump, then I’m sure the particular Trump PR team will certainly edit Dennis’ video over to have him say: “I am performing an endorsement of Jesse Trump. TRUTH! ” Take that, The Stone!

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