Comedian  D. L. Hughley was rushed towards the hospital this weekend right after collapsing on stage in the middle of the comedy set in Nashville, Tn.

The comic, who was performing at  Zanies Comedy Club in front of a sold-out crowd, was later identified as having coronavirus after receiving help and having tests given at the hospital.

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It all started about 11: 00 p. meters. local time on Fri night, when the former sitcom star and longtime expert comedian was in the middle of their set in front of an energetic crowd. Sitting on a stool on stage, Hughley appeared to suddenly fall as well as go unconscious almost with no warning, right in the middle of focusing on some of his material for that crowd.

Luckily, the comedian’ s supervisor and several other people were quickly stage, and they took instant action as D. D. ’ s on-stage problem began to seriously deteriorate. These people jumped into action, carrying him off the stage plus away from the public eye. Elements were serious enough nearly immediately that an ambulance had been called, and a fire vehicle showed up, as well. The comic eventually regained consciousness, yet he was nevertheless wear a stretcher and delivered to the local hospital, according to  TMZ .

You can see the troubling video from that evening, from the same source, as well. As you can see (below, though this looks pretty unsettling!!! ), it shows Hughley get a water bottle from a safety guard right before his presentation becomes labored and something obviously becomes wrong with your pet slumping over on-stage:

Wow… that’ s SO frightening to just see him downturn over like that.

Thank goodness there were people upon scene to render help immediately!

Hrs later, the funny guy posted an update in order to his  Instagram account, confirming he’ d actually tested beneficial for COVID-19, and increasing the. You can see that (below):

Wow. What a surprising medical diagnosis — and a scary occasion, to be sure! That video associated with him passing out is really intense!!

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Hughley’ s team also launched a statement to the press, sharing the following message regarding the longtime TV star plus comic:

“ suffering from exhaustion after all the particular week’ s work plus travel, and was held overnight at the hospital intended for tests under doctor’ t orders. He is awake plus feeling better, and desires to thank everyone for your very kind prayer plus thoughts. ”

No kidding. Here’ s to a full, quick recovery for Hughley next scary, unexpected ordeal within the nightclub.

Responses, Perezcious readers? Coronavirus is usually nothing to joke regarding! We sincerely hope Hughley fully recovers, and everyone else continues to take this thing since seriously as it should be used!

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