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Back in early August, Simon Cowell broke his back in an electric bicycle accident. He fell whilst testing his new 20 dollars, 000 bike in the courtyard of his Malibu substance (oo, la! ) in front of his 6-year-old boy Eric and 14-year-old stepson Adam . Simon had to get vertebral surgery, which sounds frightening and serious. But simple days later his America’s Got Skill co-star, Howie Mandel, said the wounded 61-year-old was doing “spectacularly well, considering” , and was likely to return to his AGT show before season’s end (didn’t happen). Then, this weekend break, a source close to Simon denied reviews he is at rough shape, and he has been, in fact , walking 10, 500 steps a day (wow, nine, 900 more steps compared to my record! ). That will source joked that Simon’s girlfriend Lauren Silverman needed to “run to maintain with him. ” Uh huuuh.

Welp, I guess possibly that was a load of baloney, or walking 10k simple steps a day on a broken back again maybe isn’t a great idea, due to the fact now sources are saying Claire must remain bed-ridden pertaining to six months. He’s on a beverage of strong painkillers, offers round-the-clock nurse care, plus must wear a support.

via Page 6:

“It’s been the rough few weeks, ” a buddy told the Sun. “Simon’s the fighter and fairly gung-ho. Naturally, he thought he’d be out of action for a couple weeks and then, if not carrying out iron man contests, a minimum of be back on the showbiz signal. Instead, he’s had a problem from surgery to blend two vertebrae and it has proved more complicated than a standard split. ”

Simon’s in such a bad method that he won’t even have the ability to record messages for America’s Got Skill (or Britain’s Got Talent) from mattress. But , but , who will become the British asshole? You’ve got the particular hairless germaphobe Canuck , the particular attractive German lady , the particular attractive Colombian lady . a person need the British asshole to balance it in any way out! It’s a very sensitive ecosystem, those talent display judges tables.

But apparently Simon is simply too “vain” to go on TV in the current state:

“Simon will be joking and in decent mood, ” a source told Sunlight. “But he’s also very vain and the idea of happening national TV with no facility make-up, and while on heavy duty medication, didn’t appeal. Therefore , unfortunately, he had to decrease producers’ requests. ”

Pish classy, Simon doesn’t need studio room make-up! Wasn’t the point associated with their plastic surgery? In order to serve effortless, natural beauty every day sans the use of fards?   Meanwhile, everyone working on Simon’s shows must be literally inhaling and exhaling easy now that their resident interior chain smoker is off sick. As though doing your job wearing a nose and mouth mask wasn’t hard enough…

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