If you haven’ t become a response on your email in order to Chris Pratt , here’ s precisely why!

The 40-year-old actor is getting a fresh start his email inbox following a hilarious fail which directed him to accidentally remove over 51, 000 email messages. And it’ s almost all thanks to his son!

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On Wednesday, the particular Marvel star took to their Instagram Tale to explain that will his 7-year-old son Jack , who he shares with ex-wife Anna Faris ,   “ gasped in shock” after since his dad had more than 35, 000 unread email messages in his inbox.

Pratt joked about how he or she came to accumulate so many communications that have gone unseen:

“ It’ s mostly rubbish. See what I do will be I sign up for everything… I’ m one of those idiots that will do, like, an IQ test. It’ ll end up like, ‘ Wanna take a good IQ test? Gimme your own email! ’ And then I actually do, which proves my IQ is about seven. And I bad junk from everyone and am just don’ t remove it. ”

But thirty-five, 000 emails?!

He continued:

“ Yet I also want to apologize. There are a great number of emails in there where I simply spaced out and didn’ t get back to you. In case you’ re watching this particular and you’ re among those people, I’ m my apologies. But I’ m going to try. I’ m going to try to get back to you. I’ m working on it at the moment. ”

Not wanting to disappoint their son, Pratt set an objective of sorting through one, 000 emails per day till it was down to zero. From that rate, it would get him 35 days, and can only imagine that the number would certainly continue to grow over time! Such as many of us would, the Parks & Entertainment alum made a decision to search for a shortcut, which is exactly where things went awry:

“ Trying not to panic. I believe I just tried something in order to delete anything unread and yes it just deleted them. Therefore now I’ m such as, ‘ Oh no . I actually needed to read them. Yet I don’ t understand where they went. ’ … So if I must pay back you an email, you might want to follow-up on that. Resubmit, possibly, the email and then I’ lmost all read it. It may possess just gotten deleted. ”

However, it wasn’ t only the unread emails that obtained deleted. He soon learned that all 51, 000 text messages in his inbox were delivered to the trash:

“ Fifty-one thousand messages are in the particular trash. Oh f**k. Exactly what did I do? It’ t just deleting them all. My emails. Oh my The almighty. This could be a real nightmare. ”

Nicely, if you don’ t find Chris in any movies for your next couple years all of us guess you’ ll understand why! LOLz!

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Despite the tech fall short, Pratt seems to have a good mindset about the whole thing, declaring this a “ fresh start” with a laugh and wave of his shoulders.

Note to personal: NEVER let Chris Pratt near our inbox!!