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English can be confusing sometimes. Here are some illustrations for ambiguity. Furthermore it tells you the real meaning of some English words.

These kinds of words are known as Homonym's words. Moreover, these words have similar pronunciation or spelling but with different meanings.

Here are the some illustrations by the website.


#1. Beat and Beet.

#2. Flea and Flee.

#3. Between Aisle, I'll and Isle.

#4. Meaning between Hole and Whole.

#5. Peace and Piece.

#6. Between Which and witch.

#7. Sail and Sale.


#8. Meaning between Vain, Vane and Vein.

#9. Whine and Wine.

#10. Bare and Bear.

#11. Difference between Exercise and Exorcise.

#12. Affect and Effect.


#13. Throne and Thrown.

#14. Difference between Their, There and They're.





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