Can you eat this? Even if you had been preggers?!

Upon Sunday night, Cardi B got her fans thinking if she had a bun in the oven and a situation of pregnancy-related cravings to go with it. Why? Well, it had been the midnight snack the girl shared a snap of on her behalf Instagram : chocolate chip cookies protected in ketchup.

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It isn’t really every day you see someone consuming this, um, interesting combination, so the comments section of the girl post was quickly full of questions — and maternity assumptions:

“You must b pregnant”

“If a person pregnant just say that”

“U should be pregnant again”

“Aw you pregnant”

“She has to be pregnant”

There have been also plenty of comments upright criticizing her snack option as DISGUSTING:

“I love ketchup but this ain’t this!! ”

“I’d rather eat doodoo”

“ketchup on a cookie…. now wtf”


“I’m calling the police”

“Girl you stumbling who tf put ketchup on some damn cookies”

“Cardi this ain’t too late to remove this chile”

LOLz! So judgy! (But srsly, would any one of y’all be willing to test it? Looks straight up nasty in order to us! )

Cardi B cookies (c) Cardi B/Instagram

But those people comments were not really the most severe. No, because it’s the web. So there a few text messages from those who believed the girl was sending secretly coded pedophilia symbols through the girl ketchup design:

“That is the pedophilia symbols for boys and girls choice. Either she trolling or even she’s letting it be identified she’s with them Jesus assist us all”

“yall must not know what pizzagate is…”

Oh good lord, y’all! Would you look at yourselves?? You are seeing pedophilia in KETCHUP. This is an unhealthy obsession. Make sure you take some time away from conspiracy concept message boards and seek assist!

Now for all your normal folks out there… Cardi has yet to provide an explanation for the bizarre combination, but if pregnancy is the main reason that timing would you need to be awful! After all, she simply submitted for divorce from baby daddy Offset for goodness’ sake… although, crazier things have occurred. (But just to reiterate not the particular crazy things some of y’all wingnuts are spreading! )

The I Like It rapper may be staying away from the subject of snacks and infants but did address her separation and divorce filing head-on this Friday during an IG Live along with fans. She shared during the time:

“This time, I wasn’t crying and moping. Wanna know why? The main reason my divorce is not due to none of that s**t that will ever happened before. It isn’t really because the cheating… I’m viewing people be like, ‘Oh, they have a baby on the way. ’ That is a whole f**king complete rest. That’s the second time individuals are trying to pin babies more than here. No, that’s bulls**t. ”

Kulture ‘s momma added:

“I don’t discover why people want the reason for the particular divorce to be something therefore , so bad. It’s absolutely nothing crazy, out of this world occurred. Sometimes people really do f**king grow apart. I’ve already been with this man for 4 years, I have a kid with this particular man, I have a household using this man. Sometimes you’re simply tired of the arguments, from the build ups. You get exhausted sometimes. ”

Yeah, sometimes you receive tired of your man not really putting the toilet seat back again down… or hogging the particular covers… or having sex with a lot of other women. You know exactly how it is!

Ideas, y’all?! Could we receive another Cardi 2 . zero sometime soon? Let us know (below) in the comments.

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Sep 21, 2020 fifteen: 18pm PDT

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