Oh, you know, yet another fight online about national politics on Labor Day Weekend break!

Rapper Cardi B and grifter right-wing political activist Candace Owens experienced it out with each other past due last night in an epic argument over Joe Biden , Donald Trump , Wet A** P**sy , Black tradition, and more political and socio-economic topics related therein. They will covered a LOT of ground on this social media meltdown, y’all!

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This kicked off by Owens blasting the Bodak Yellow artist for sitting down with Biden recently, and specifically concerning Cardi asking Biden exactly what he’d do about Dark men dying in America. Owens took umbrage with that framework of the question, as the girl called out Cardi simply by saying Black men expire at the hands of other Black guys more than they do cops — as if police brutality were not a serious issue in this nation. Oh, Candace.

Quickly, the firestorm devolved from there, with Owens belittling systemic racism in law enforcement departments across the country while clearly displaying jealousy over the fact that Cardi was able to sit down with Biden. Girl, we get it, you want you had Cardi’s pull! Do not be jealous, be kind!!!

Owens straight-up known as out the rapper within a tweet about her strike song Wet A** P**sy , then, baiting Cardi into a full-fledged battle (below):

The back-and-forth kicked away in full from there, along with a large number of fans and followers providing their opinions about the 2 women and their political sights, too.

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At one particular point, Cardi posted a reportedly from the Hamptons within New York. In the clip, this appeared to show her sibling Hennessy being harassed by a number of white men who required notice of the fact that her plus her partner are an Afro-Hispanic gay couple (below):

Owens honestly came away from as jealous of the artist throughout the back-and-forth, calling the girl “uneducated when it came to politics” but completely failing to comprehend just how big an achieve Cardi has with the girl social following and fandom.

The artist has serious pull with young adults if she can help encourage them to educate themselves over the issues and vote this particular election cycle. Obviously, she’s doing that with an applicant (Biden) who Owens does not personally care for, and so… it’s a thing.


Both females posted long Instagram videos, too (below):

It’s a LOT!!!

As TMZ said regarding the whole ordeal, politics within 2020 isn’t very quite. Boy, ain’t that the reality?!

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So what do U think, Perezcious visitors? Do U side with Cardi or Candace?! Maybe moreover: did either woman convince you with this back-and-forth, or had been you already pretty setup with whether you were likely to support Trump or Biden in November?

Sound OFF with your get about public battles such as this down in the comments (below)…

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