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The only thing Cardi B plus Offset love more than breaking up and getting back together is buying Birkin luggage. Back in July, Daddy Counteract actually gifted little Kulture the $20, 000 pink Birkin for her 2nd birthday. People had clips to say about that, and Cardi took to Instagram to defend the girl husband. Two months later, as well as the family is once again involved in a Birkin controversy.

Here’s what happened… last week rapper Saweetie , accompanied by the girl boyfriend Quavo (Offset’s Migos groupmate) said this with an Instagram Live: “If he not obtaining you a Birkin, if he or she not paying for your expenses, then throw that n—- back to the streets, OKAY? ”

Some fans a new problem with this, pointing out there that not everybody can afford developer brands. And maybe it’s preferable to spend your hard-earned cash on more practical points, like food, shelter, plus streaming services?

Now, a couple of weeks ago, Cardi posted this picture with her Instagram:

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I know. Her closet is actually the back room of a Hermès. But I guess she hasn’t bought up all the particular Birkin products, because the girl and Offset were in action this past weekend (and he or she also had a little run-in with the cops after driving through a Trump rally in Beverly Hills). As a thank you for once again acquiring him back despite their cheating ways, Offset invested $128, 662. 50 upon luxury bags from a good Hermès associate named Sean (gee, I hope he ideal for commission). Then he posted the particular (literal) receipts to their Insta Stories:

Now, apparently, in addition to the gem clutchers who were all,   “open a savings! ”, some individuals were tweeting that artists like Cardi and Counter were “depreciating” the value of developer labels by showing off their own purchases.

Right here was Offset’s response:

And since Cardi is better off the cuff having a camera in her encounter, she posted a video phoning out the racists (side note: love the mint dress/nails):

Cardi states (via Billboard) :

  “First things first, I certainly could get a bag — actually I got four hand bags today from the Hermès shop. That’s one. I don’t want to brag but it’s such as, don’t even try it. Secondly, why is it that y’all asking female rappers when they can get a bag in the Hermès store. Y’all do not do that to these white superstars. So , why is it that will y’all gotta be wondering us? What the f–k? ”

The girl also says that she’s not depreciating the value of their particular brand; if anything, rap artists like her performing them a favor. Cardi says the popularity of the girl songs “Bodak Yellow” plus “I Such as It” in fact caused a spike within sales for both Christian louboutin shoes and Balenciaga. Hmmm, We wonder if sales for large Mac trucks and small garages went up right after WAP…

My opinion? I am Team Backpack. You can nevertheless use both your hands and there’s tons of room for added food!

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