I came across this youtube video one night and it caught my interest. This youtuber made a video with a cabbage soup recipe that he calls “peel a pound soup”. The recipe also comes with a diet and he claims you can lose a lot of weight with this soup.

     This youtuber says that a family member got this recipe from a hospital back in the day. The hospital followed this diet when they had patients that needed to lose weight before surgery. They would follow this diet and the patients would get to a healthier weight.

     I tried this diet and I saw results! I did not follow this diet exactly as follows. I mostly just ate the soup. The soup is a simple cabbage and vegetable soup that is surprisingly tasty. I am actually surprised at the taste for how simple it is. If you are someone who likes veggis you should like this soup. The cabbage is actually filling and you do not really taste it in the soup.

     After eating this soup for a couple weeks I did lose weight. It is very low in calories. The only problem I had was that it did not sustain me for long periods of time. It did at first but after a while I found myself craving food. I think this video is worth a watch. It is a short video and you will find the recipe and everything you need in the description of the video. I tried this diet out and it is definitely worth looking at. If you are in a pinch and need to lose weight or trying to get your veggi fix in this is worth a watch.


Youtube video: https://youtu.be/3DxS-CIJFj8