This is also great news for doctor’ s workplace nurses and teachers in whose brains will throb along with confusion while trying to state title   By Æ A-12 Musk before throwing up their own hands and going, “ Fuck it, I’ m going to lunch earlier, I don’ t require this! ” Even though, little Aeon Flux A24 Musk will probably never view the inside of a doctor’ s i9000 office since his problems will be treated with moon water-dipped crystals applied to his entire body by a cyborg drone inside a nurse’ s hat. Plus he’ ll never view the inside of a classroom given that he’ ll get their schooling from an Elon Musk hologram that will simply repeat his tweets on the loop.

However the news here is that Elon Musk and Grimes will need to choose a new name that’ ll let their newborn know that they already dislike him. Because if they published X Æ A-12 upon their baby’ s delivery certificate, a California condition official will throw the exact same “ did We eat a ton of acidity for lunch or is the fact that name for real ” look that Elon is throwing in the image above before stamping REFUSED on that shit.

As Mieka posted regarding yesterday , Grimes verified that they really did title their newborn X Æ A-12 and explained they chose the name because By is the unknown variable, Æ is the elven spelling associated with AI, A-12 is the precursor to their favorite aircraft, along with an is also for Archangel (the name of Grimes’ preferred song by the musician Burial). And because Elon is Elon, he publicly called away Grimes for a mistake the lady made in her description and he or she let him know that she simply gave birth, dammit. Generally, their love is heartwarming and will live on forever.

CNN says that will they’ ll have to develop another name because Ca state law does not enable some Scientology captcha butt shit:

Names can only make use of the 26 alphabetical characters from the English language, according to the condition constitution.

Not just does this spell difficulty for X Æ A-12 Musk, it also means bans on diacritical marks, for example accents in names such as “ José. ”

I did not really know this. Excuse me whilst I cross, “ Legally change my title to Concepció n 69 ” off of our bucket list.

So I guess Elon plus Grimes will have to think of other activities they love that they can title their child after. They should retain it simple this time and title him after what they like the most by naming your pet Attention Musk. But understanding them, they’ ll provide him an even worse name. They’ ll name him The (after Archangel) and Null (since it’ s a mysterious value). A Null Musk! I need to stop giving them dreadful ideas. Someone needs to contact CPS on me for the.

Pictures: Wenn. com

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