Well… this really is awkward!

The connection between Caitlyn Jenner plus Sophia Hutchins has been a little bit hazy over the years, but regardless of previous confusion , things are usually certainly just professional between the two.

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Actually it almost seems like the relationship between a mother or father and child, at least depending on this awkward encounter. Throughout an appearance on Heather McDonald ‘ s Juicy Scoop podcast, the 24-year-old talked about what went down:

“ There were to put a lock upon my door because Caitlyn decided to barge into our room while I had a buddy over. ”

This wasn’ capital t just a friend, it seems like Cait walked in on an romantic moment:

“ kind of saw a lot of things occurring. ”


Hutchins continued:

“ It’ s kind of like living with your own parents and I’ meters like oh, this might be considered a turning point where I might have to move out. ”

She added that will Jenner “ knew he or she was there, ” yet once the 70-year-old saw that which was happening, walked out of the area. The next morning, the business owner told Jenner:

Previously in the interview with McDonald, she revealed that she’d feel guilty if the girl did move out:

“ I don’ t wish to leave her by their self, but she also sees that I’ m getting older and am want to be able to have my very own life.   I really like residing there, my office relies out there. converted the guest home into our office space. Everybody on my team is within the city. It’ s difficult to have everyone always generate . ”

And in situation it wasn’ t apparent based on this interaction plus previous statements made, factors are not romantic between Cait and Sophia:

“ It was never romantic. Certainly not sexual. It was very much close friends but I understand why individuals perceived it that way. All of us never addressed it which was part of the problem. ”

The girl added:

“ It’ s more parental. I actually date guys. And Caitlyn’ s like, I have to sign off on your pet. It’ s very parent, very protective. We’ lso are family. It’ s a fascinating family situation. All of my loved ones is in Seattle. I didn’ t have family right here. I was thinking I would proceed to New York and Caitlyn was just like work here, live right here. ”

Regardless of all that, Sophia doesn’ capital t plan on moving out at this time, she later shared with People :

“ Being CEO associated with Lumasol and Caitlyn’ t manager keeps me active. I am totally focused on our career. I don’ big t have plans to move out, yet I am in the real estate market to get a home in Calabasas. ”

We’ re sure Kylie Jenner could give her some suggestions !