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Who are you quarantined along with? I’ ve just obtained the cat and our reflection in the mirror (total bitch, for the record). Plenty of my friends have gone home to bunker down using their families. Bruce Willis believed, “ Hello, I’ ll split the, and choose half our family”. He  went to stick with his ex-wife Demi Moore and earliest daughters, Search, Rumer, plus Tallulah in Idaho.

But what about 65-year-old Brucie’ s 43-year-old design wife, Emma Heming Willis, and their two children, Mabel, 8, and Evelyn , six? Despite assurances that everything had been great in this perfect, combined, modern family, and the only reason these were separated was because little Evelyn poked her foot using a hypodermic needle ( ? ), people (us, it had been us) continued to imagine there was trouble with the Willis Family Jr.

Well, it looks like Emma finally thought, “ enough is enough”, and, motivated by Madonna’ s cavalier mindset toward plane travel during pandemic-season, shuttled her and her daughters’ to join Bruce & Company. in Idaho.

Since people were questioning their state of her marriage, Emma clearly needed to prove their own love on Instagram! Therefore she celebrated their re-union (and little Evelyn’ t sixth birthday) by publishing a bunch of pictures and video clips.

Here’ h the entire family celebrating Evelyn’ s birthday:

Sure, @IgPosting. Bruce getting separated from his spouse and youngest girls for nearly two months and then riding a good ATV together totally “ redefines household goals”.

How many people are at Demi’ s place in Idaho at this point? I think eleven, if you count number their daughters’ partners plus Demi’ s assistant. Toss a chef or housekeeper in there, as well as the pajama-clad canines, and you’ ve obtained at least fifteen! OH OUR GOD. Family band? Household band! Holy shit, they’ re starting a family music group! Or a Waco-type cult. Possibly or.

Pic: Wenn. possuindo