Jamie Asparagus spears may contact the #FreeBritney movement “ a joke , ” but his activities continue to give the theory credibility…

As we have already been reporting , Britney Spears has been making some severe moves to exert some control of her conservatorship, especially exactly where her dad is included. Most recently, her legal group moved to bring more visibility to the process, opposing Jamie’s desire to keep court records from the 12-year conservatorship sealed. Brit’s team even gave a yell out towards the #FreeBritney movement in their submitting, saying:

“…in large part this particular scrutiny is a reasonable and also predictable result of James’ intense use of the sealing procedure through the years to minimize the amount of meaningful info made available to the public. ”

Now, based on court documents obtained by TMZ , Jamie has called the motion in order to unseal the records “grandstanding” by the pop star’s attorney. The 68-year-old advised the particular court that before these people grant Brit’s wish, they need to determine if she has “the capability to understand the consequences of the girl waiver. ”


Whatever mental health issues the particular Lucky singer may be coping with, she’s also a grown female whose fortune and achievement came from her own hard work plus talent. To say she can not understand the consequences of the ask for seems totally demeaning plus infantilizing to us. Not forgetting his condescending attitude is simply further evidence of why Britney wants to get out from below his thumb in the first place.

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Jamie’s submitting went on to say that the Crossroads star’s financial and healthcare conservatorships are “inextricably entwined” and that unsealing either can expose personal details about the girl mental health. He contended that keeping this information out from the hands of the public is within the best interest of Britney and her children.

Here’s the thing about this argument: unfortunately, Britney has experienced some of her many troubling mental health shows in the public eye. Whilst records from the conservatorship would definitely make news, we find it tough to believe the information would be a lot more shocking than what we have already seen her experience (and overcome! ) openly. If the artist herself is definitely willing to have those information exposed to the world, that should be the girl choice!

(PLUS: it’s pretty rich pertaining to Jamie to talk about the best curiosity of Britney’s kids if they were granted a restraining order against him designed for allegedly abusive behavior. )

Finally, Jamie also addressed the 38-year-old’s desire for more “personal autonomy” in her life, directing out the conservatorship can be voluntary and that she’s by no means requested to terminate this. Not sure how this is actually a point in his favor — if anything, that makes it appear all the more responsible of British that she’s willing to keep on the conservatorship, just under various management.

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All in all, the Asparagus spears patriarch is NOT making a great case for himself right here, at least in the court associated with public opinion. If he or she cares about his girl, why wouldn’t he end up being willing to step aside plus let someone else take the reins? Mom Lynn Spears provides approved of the financial changes Britney requested, plus sis Jamie Lynn appears like she’s also supporting Britney’s desires . It really looks like he is fighting the entire family regarding control of Brit’s life… and also to what end? For money??

As always, we’re wishing for the best outcome for Britney’s sake!

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Sep 11, 2020 17: 10pm PDT

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