Britney Spears ’ brother is speaking out there about the growing controversy around her conservatorship.

Bryan Spears do a rare interview on the Thurs episode of the As Not Seen in the news podcast plus addressed the #FreeBritney motion, which fans launched more than fears for the pop icon’ s well-being.

While Brit’ s brother told sponsor Drew Plotkin   the conservatorship had been a “ excellent thing” for the family until the campaign started this past year, he admitted the Toxic singer has “ continually wanted to get out of” this.

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The 43-year-old explained:

“ It’ s very irritating to have. Whether someone’ ersus coming in peace to help or even coming in with an attitude, getting someone constantly tell you to undertake something has got to be irritating. ”

We can just imagine!

Bryan noted which he and his famous sister “ speak constantly, ” yet he doesn’ t completely understand the #FreeBritney movement as they doesn’ t actively make use of social media.  

He described:  

“ I am aware that feel like maybe she’ s being confined or even held against her can in some capacity, but We can’ t really talk for them… been a great factor for our family, to this point, plus maintain hoping for the best. ”

This doesn’ t sound like he’ s on board with a large change here, despite understanding how upsetting it is to Brit… yet why would that end up being? What does he mean simply by saying it’ s “ been a great thing for the family”?

Nicely, what’ s usually the solution when it comes to someone worth huge amount of money?

See, previously this month Brit’ h former photographer  Toby Gallery proceeded to go viral after going general public with a letter supposedly written by Britney herself close to 2009, complaining the conservatorship would go on “ provided that the people are getting paid. ” The letter (which has  not been verified to be clear) specifically mentions her sibling getting “ a two million apartment” from the offer. Hmm…

Bryan’ s comments arrive a day after #FreeBritney followers rallied outside the LA court room where a routine hearing was held virtually to examine Britney’ s finances, mental wellness, and personal life. Although the superstar’ s parents, Jamie Spears and Lynne Spears , were each present on the digital flow, Britney didn’ t appear due to technical issues.  

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However , fans think something else was stopping the particular songstress from appearing. Among the people who was interviewed away from court said the “ connection problems” were brought on by “ people hacking in to the system; into the video contact, ” adding:  

“ The determine had to call some specialized people in and repair the issue… finally got it set, simply by that time were waiting for CPS to show up. ”  

When CPS came, the judge allegedly stated it was “ too late” and decided to reschedule the particular hearing for Wednesday, Aug 19. Meanwhile, the Louisiana native’ s conservatorship has been extended until at least Aug 22 — and Jamie’ s request that their daughter’ s case become locked from public watch was granted.

Here’ s the entire convo:

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