Shelby Sander from Cameron Park, California was very close to her mother who suffered from breast cancer. Unfortunately, after many years of fight, her mother passed away on March 1, 2016. Shelby who had been dating her boyfriends for many years, got engaged last December but she was heartbroken when she realized that her mother won’t be there on her big day. She knew she had to honor her some way to make her see how much she misses her.

“My mom was an amazing human being. She touched so many people’s lives. She just really was such a positive and inspirational person to be around,” Sander tells PEOPLE of Angie. “My mom always had the most positive outlook and view and she was just always so happy. Happy to be here, happy to be alive. She was really one of a kind. She was giving, loving, supportive; an amazing mom and and amazing wife and an amazing friend.”

So, as a tribute to her amazing mom and to surprise her father, Shelby found her mother’s decades old wedding dress and wore it to get a photoshoot done. 

“I did not alter it one bit,” she explained. “Everything fit perfectly. I was in shock. When it fit, it made me feel beautiful. It made me feel like I had more of my mom in me. It was just an amazing thing. Like, wow, I’m supposed to be in my mom’s dress. I’m supposed to be wearing it. this is supposed to be happening.”

Shelby shared the photos with Love What Matters, on the 1st March as it marked 2 years since her mother passed away. 

“She’s with me every day. Some days more than most, but I know she is here and I know that she’s watching over me and making sure I’m doing everything to be the best.”

Shelby will be getting a heart-shaped patch cut from her mother’s dress and get it attached to her own wedding gown for her big day. She also plans on keeping a purple seat next to her father’s with a photo of her mom to ensure that she’s a part of her daughter’s special day. 

Source: People/Inside Edition