When 23-year-old bride to be Jordyn Cleverly was deciding what to wear on her wedding day, she thought of the most beautiful dress and gesture to honor her grandma penny Jensen. Jordyn managed to sneak grandma’s precious wedding dress that was last worn by her in 1962. The dress was still in perfect condition and Jordyn knew that her widowed grams would love to see her sport that gown. 


Photographer Kortney Peterson captured the moment when Penny saw her granddaughter wearing the dress during the wedding rehearsal. 

“I didn’t want her to see it for the first time walking down the aisle and just start sobbing and all those memories come back to her,” Jordyn told Inside Edition. “My grandma had zero ideas; she had no idea it was even in my possession,” she said. 


Peterson shared the sweet photos on Facebook and wrote: 

“A first look unlike any other I’ve done before….Between this sweet bride and her grandma. The bride secretly got her widowed grandma’s dress from 1962, and is wearing it for her big day. Grandma had zero idea! Yes. You guessed it. I bawled’.”

(Source: Independent)