When Kenasyn Bird aka the warrior baby was born, here parents were incredibly happy but they knew that she is going to have a hard life because she was born different. Kenasyn had severe malformations of legs and spine and had other medical conditions such as caudal regression syndrome and tibial hememilia. At a very young age, Kenasyn had to undergo multiple surgeries and also had to get one of her legs amputated. But her parents and everyone around were amazed to see Kenasyn’s energy and how strong she’d been through it all. 

The little fighter is now 5 years old but despite all the pain, she wakes up with a smile on her face everyday which is why the name ‘warrior baby’ fits her so well.

Here’s a video of Kenasyn climbing up a rock wall after she got her brand new running blade prosthetic fixed. You’ll see how excitedly she climbs all the way up and even slips at one point but pulls herself back up. What are brave little warrior. There’s seriously nothing that this little girl can’t do. 

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(Source: Little Things)