Brandi Glanville is a learn at pushing buttons plus prodding cast mates upon reality TV… so it is no surprise that she’s just like manipulative behind the scenes, too! Designed for better or worse!

The 47-year-old television star was the big reason Real Housewives associated with Beverly Hills was such a hit earlier this season, what with her saucy allegations about hooking up with fellow throw member Denise Richards . And now that RHOBH has once more dominated the ratings to get Andy Cohen ‘s Bravo outfit, Glanville desires her cut… and she’ll use her kids to obtain it!

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The former Real Regular folks star — who this past season was theoretically a part-time cast associate as a “friend of the show” — got Cohen on her Brandi Glanville Unfiltered podcast this week, where the girl confronted him about whether or not she could once again be a full-time cast member.

Then, she seemed to use her kids because leverage in asking for the girl shot… and after that , she denied everything! It’s like a master course in reality TV tomfoolery! LOLz!!!

During the podcasting, Cohen did admit Brandi is “close” to becoming back to full-time status, stating (below):

“I don’t know the response to that . You are not on an island, yet you’re not exactly buddies with any of the women. Yet I would say you’re because close to being back because you’ve been in a long time. ”

Which was the opening the legendary tweeter needed, as the lady jumped on Cohen’s entrance and unabashedly got the girl boys involved!

Mason Cibrian , her 17-year-old son, jumped in and straight-up known as out Andy over Brandi’s reality TV career! In his feedback, the teenager claimed this individual and little bro Jake would now be allowed to take part on the show, despite earlier bans from their father, Eddie Cibrian :

“Now that individuals are allowed to be on the program, are you gonna give my friend a second chance? ”

Andy scoffed at that, asking Builder why he wanted to appear on the particular hit reality TV enterprise, however the teen seemed to have an solution for everything:

“Because she deserves this. You kind of milked the girl for everything this season to generate some views and things and she hasn’t gotten also half as much as the other Housewives . Personally i think like she should be paid. She’s the best woman I have ever met. ”

Whoa! Builder sure knows how to choose the bag, doesn’t he or she?! Cohen couldn’t do a lot with Mason’s pitch when this occurs, either, simply telling the teenager he “made really good points” in his mom’s favor. Therefore does that mean…????

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No word upon Brandi’s RHOBH future quite however, but if Mason helped their mom a bit, so too do 13-year-old Jake soon afterwards. The younger boy had been with school during the recording from the podcast itself, but right after he came home, their mom got him in order to pop up on social media within her favor, as you can see (below):

Well then! Two-for-two in the kids-having-their-mom’s-back department, are not we?! Seems… well-coordinated!

And that’s the one thing: at what point will it go from advocacy — a little cute, even a small disarming — to upright using the teens for mom’s personal gain and cable television fame???

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Sensation the heat from fans plus followers over her unabashed involvement of both kids, Brandi popped up once again on Monday to address the particular podcast interview with Bravo’s head honcho, and the part her children are playing within her advocacy:

Hmmm… are y’all buying that will, Perezcious readers??? There’s an excellent line between just “stating their opinions” and straight up being forced to cape meant for mom, ya know? Much more so considering the kids continue to be minors — most especially Mike, of course.

So how do U draw the queue?? Was Brandi out of range to get the young’ns involved?! Had been it a shrewd company move to tug on Andy’s heartstrings — and put your pet on the spot — or exploitative bulls**t???

Audio OFF about it with your get here, down in the responses (below)!!!

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