An adorable photo of a cow named Audri snuggling with his buddy, a 15-year-old boy named Mitchell Miner is putting an innocent smile on everyone’s face. The young boy and his heifer participated in the Iowa State Fair recently and unfortunately, despite how cute they are, the pair lost the competition. After a long day and losing the contest, the two dozed off next to each other. Mitchell’s father Jeremy Miner walked in and saw the snuggly buddies. He was touched to see the boy napping with his cow and decided to snap a photo. Jeremy shared the photo on social media and it quickly went viral. 

Mitchell and Audri have only known each other for 2 months but have spent every day since they met practicing for the competition and the two developed a sweet bond. 

“I think it’s just when you spend that much time with them, they get really comfortable,” Laura Miner, Mitchell’s mother said.

“She likes to lay down quite a bit,” Miner said. “I don’t really understand the bond with my animal either. “She just enjoys my company”.

Jeremy and his wife Laura, who grew up in a farm want their kids to spend a lot of time doing things they did growing up even though they live far away from farm life now.

“We learned a lot from the farm,” Jeremy said. “We have those values instilled in us and we are trying to do what we can to preserve that.”

The sad part is that the competition will end in September, after which Audri will go back to the farm she came from. But maybe, these two will find a way to preserve their friendship too.