Blake Lively indulged all of her husband Ryan Reynolds ‘ sweet teeth cravings for his birthday celebration 44th birthday on Fri — even the seriously absurd ones by her specifications!

The fun-loving couple made us giggle once again after the Gossip Girl alum shared scenes off their intimate, at-home celebration for your Deadpool star’s big landmark, emphasizing his unusual request pie instead of cake! The lady wrote:

“1) Who is the dropped soul that selects birthday celebration PIE. 2) What PET eats their cake (pie) without first blowing out there the candles. @vancityreynolds that is who. Happy Birthday. We honestly can’t believe we are still married. ”

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The actual birthday boy wants, the particular birthday boy gets! View the Instagram pics of Thomas enjoying Blake’s delicious development (below):

OMG! That 2nd photo is proof that will Ryan really didn’t be reluctant to take dig in for the bite — those candle lights were still fully lighted! Blake captured her man’s pure blissful reaction to as soon as with followers on her Instagram Story . She included a very pleased note that said:

“I go radical to make it special for my hubby on his birthday. ”

(c) Blake Lively/Instagram

Reynolds’ dessert wasn’t the only non-traditional sighting at his celebration. Lively also shared that will she made “eco friendly” versions of balloons simply by tying party strings plus streamers to lemons, limes, and other fruit found in their own kitchen. Very crafty, sweet, far less wasteful than the true thing!

“Finally found a way to provide him ecofriendly balloons…”

See (below):

More scenes from Ryan Reynolds' birthday celebration at home with wife Blake Lively.
  (c) Blake Lively/Instagram Tale

Aww, nice! An eventful 7 days for the pair appeared to finish on a high note plus we’ll go ahead and send the birthday wishes to the hunky Canadian-American dual citizen whilst we’re at it.

It was just a few a few months ago that the roles had been reversed and the Green Lantern star was responsible for treating their wife on her birthday on August twenty five. He showered her along with treats  like a homemade McMuffin, birthday cake popsicles,   Ladurée macaroons, and stunning jewellery, but social media users with one voice agreed with her evaluation that Ryan’s fit entire body proudly on display as he anxiously waited on her all day was the real gift that kept on providing!

We’re simply loving all of these continued pretty moments from one of Hollywood’s favorite pairings!

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