Blake Lively just made social media a lot more fun for everyone by sharing the hilarious birthday message. For who? Her hot husband Ryan Reynolds. Social media users know how funny Ryan Reynolds is and he’s known for sharing quirky posts on Twitter. 

On August 26th, which was Blake Lively’s 30th birthday, her loving husband took a moment to her happy birthday. Reynolds shared a photo of the two together and wrote, “Happy birthday to my amazing wife.” The only problem was, that he cropped half of Lively’s face. It was hilarious. But Reynolds had revenge waiting for him. 

Yesterday on his 41st birthday, Lively took a moment to take revenge on her husband and shared a totally savage post on Instagram. 

She posted a photo of Ryan Reynolds posing with Ryan Gosling and captioned the photo, “Happy birthday baby.” The only glitch was, that she, just like before, cropped most of Reynolds’ face and made Ryan Gosling the focus of the photo. 

Happy Birthday, baby.

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Ofcourse, the internet now clearly sees why these two are perfect for each other. 

41-year-old Ryan Reynolds saw Blake’s sweet birthday wish post and commented “Awesome”.

On a recent interview on Good Morning America, Blake Lively gushed about her happy marriage to Ryan Reynolds. “In general, yeah, it’s nice to have somebody who understands what you’re doing,” she said. “Especially because our job is so weird—we have to, you know, like be married to other people, and it’s all so strange. It’s still strange. It’s never normal, even when we’re both doing it.”

(Source: Elle UK)