Blake Jenner is arriving clean…

Upon Thursday afternoon, the 28-year-old actor took to his Instagram  accounts with a wordy, six-part information copping to the domestic misuse allegations that ex-wife Melissa Benoist had previously widely alleged against a “younger partner. ”

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As you will recall, last November, the particular now-32-year-old actress released an psychological viral video revealing how she’d experienced months of domestic mistreatment from a then-unnamed younger companion. Now, thanks to Jenner’s personal frank admission on Thursday night, we can confirm he is that will partner in question — plus oh, boy, is there a great deal to take in here.

Addressing the scary scenario in a series of screenshot communications posted in a gallery in the IG page, the Glee actor opened up about their horrific past actions, composing in part (below):

“Over the past 11 months, I have been thinking about learn how to address a personal situation revealed in late-2019. Throughout that period, I reflected on a time period in my life that I experienced previously kept in the night out of shame and dread, but I know this is something which needs to be addressed, not just widely, but also privately with the person directly affected and with me personally. When I was 20 years aged, I met a woman and fell in love. We didn’t realize the degree of it back then, but in retrospect, as great as the really like that was shared between all of us, the shared brokenness that will stemmed from our childhoods turned out to be greater. The passion among us would take all of us both to some of the most memorable highs, but also to occasions of jealousy, bouts associated with insecurity, and volatility. In ways, I think for the both people, our marriage was a possibility of redemption of sorts. During those moments where I used to be determined to leave because it might have been the healthier selection, I felt as though I actually couldn’t leave when somebody I loved was inquiring me to stay. It was the relationship with a foundation grounded in co-dependency, which experienced dire consequences. We were each young and left a lot of our brokenness to intensify for too long. ”


It’s hard to learn, but Jenner specifically tackles explicit, violent actions that will this individual confirms to have committed towards Benoist , too.

In the second screen of his six-part entrance, the actor writes:

“I consider full responsibility and responsibility for the hurt that I caused during my relationship with the past partner — psychologically, mentally and yes, bodily. Two years prior to the end of our own relationship, there was a time exactly where my past partner and am were in an argument that will escalated, and in a moment associated with frustration, while I was browsing the hallway and she is at our bedroom, I put my phone aimlessly also it hit my former companion in her face. We froze in a state associated with shock and horror since my then-partner screamed within anguish, her eye instantly swollen shut from the effect of the phone. It’s a point in time that I will regret throughout my life. She sat presently there crying and I can only think about the pain, fear, and pity she must have felt because moment. If I could perform anything to take it back, I might. However , as hard because it has been to come to conditions with it and as hard since it is for me to even describe that will moment in detail now, no matter the intention may have been, I am accountable for the pain that I caused the girl in that moment and above. And it is something I am nevertheless working on forgiving myself with regard to. Without absolving myself associated with any responsibility, it is important to realize that there was mental, emotional plus physical abuse inflicted through both ends. As a result, the former partner and I started to see a therapist together, yet despite numerous attempts to operate our issues out, we might find ourselves stuck within this toxic cycle that our connection became. I have thought lengthy and hard about whether to speak out regarding the pain that was inflicted on to me throughout the course of this particular relationship by my previous partner; and I have come towards the conclusion that yes, it is necessary for me to do so. ”

Holy s**t…

Jenner proceeds on from there, specifically handling his “former partner” plus apologizing while also talking about his own upbringing and on-going work being done in treatment. Melissa, who filed for separation and divorce from the Miami-born actor in 2016, is not really mentioned by name within the post. The actor furthermore attempts to address his enthusiasts and followers, too, using a separate statement near the finish of the full reveal.

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Read the full admission by moving through the entire gallery that is Blake’s post (below):

So , so frightening.

It’s consistently turned our stomachs to think about the  Supergirl star going through such things as that, and now to hear this directly from the abuser, simply no less… Ugh.

We’re not the only types with a serious reaction to this particular sudden, surprising news, possibly. Jenner turned off the comments in the IG post, but enthusiasts have taken to  Tweets with the hashtag #IStandWithMelissa to address and respond to the shocking revelations. So that as you might suspect, people are not exactly on Jenner’s part after his admission — nor are they on board along with how he admitted their misdeeds and addressed the whole situation.

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Here is but an extremely small sample of several of those strong reactions against Jenner’s awful revelation (below):

“Blake Jenner waited over a year to produce a statement only to victim blame Melissa Benoist and make himself look like the real victim? And only a few weeks after she welcomed her newborn? His manipulative and victim blaming ‘apology’ means nothing. ”

“Blake Jenner waited a year another with a counter argument against Melissa Benoist. After she’s happily married, settled down & had a wholesome, beautiful baby boy. In addition, he twisted the story in his favour, GASLIGHTING AT ITS FINEST. ”

“#IStandWithMelissa because domestic violence survivors deserve better than having their brave voices be drowned by the abusers’ cheap sympathy gain stunt”

“The f**king audacity ahead out & admit your actions, then blame it on being ‘broken’ & thinking that’s justified?? But turn around & word for word accuse her of the same s**t you did to her?? And say ‘I’ve changed’ f**king manipulation 101 you sick f**k”

“It’s important to support Melissa now more than ever, with her abuser doing what abusers do best — wanting to manipulate and pull sympathy. 6 months later, when that he thinks people will have forgotten her initial words. F**k him. Believe survivors”

“So Blake Jenner’s ‘apology’ was him admitting to abusing Melissa for a paragraph, then blames it on his ‘trauma’ and tries to put the blame on her. Sorry, but that doesn’t sound like an apology to me. ”

“he literally just said ‘yeah i abused her but…’ this is so wrong and so disgusting that he should be in prison rn”


We’re still really thrown from all this… but those Twitter users make a LOT of good points. Just saying. Scary, unsettling, awful stuff throughout.

Sending all our love out to Melissa, as she must recently suffer through this ordeal FOR A SECOND TIME, and re-live some rather experiences and memories…

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