Lynlee Boemer, daughter of Margaret Boemer is known as the miracle baby and because shes’s the girl who was born twice. Margaret was only 16 weeks pregnant when doctors discovered a life-threatening tumor on her tailbone. Doctors were afraid that the tumor might affect Lynlee resulting in heart problems and lack of circulation. So, they suggested a fetal surgery to remove the tumor. 

“Sometimes these tumors can be well tolerated in the fetus her heart showed signs of starting to fail,” Dr. Darrell Cass told Inside Edition. “It’s been unsuccessful many times,” he said. “A lot can go wrong and the fetus can die after, or during, the surgery.”

Margaret and her husband had to make a quick decision, a decision that would either put both, the mother and baby in danger or save their lives. 

At 23 weeks pregnant, Margaret underwent the surgery to get the tumor removed and in order to do so, doctors had to remove Lynlee from the womb. After an intensive surgery, Lynlee was put back into the womb to continue growing. 

Luckily, the odds were in their favor that day and the surgery was successful. 

It’s been a year since Lynlee’s birth and everyone is super excited to celebrate her 1st birthday.

“She’s doing really good,” Margaret said. “She’s hitting all of her milestones and we’re very surprised and blessed and thankful for how well she’s doing. To think how far she has come to be here with us,” she said. “We’re thankful we gave her a chance at life.”

(Source: Little Things)