Azealia Banks   has returned to scratch her continually itchy attention spot. Right after commenting on  Doja Cat’ h racism   on Instagram, Azealia claimed she’ s become plenty of big-name dick through the years. And some of those dicks had been married. Well, she’ h named a name which name is Dave Chappelle . I realize, a rich famous wedded man cheating on his spouse? What’ s next? Gwyneth Paltrow promoting us useless shit ? A Kardashian/Jenner using a make-up shade darker from their real skin-tone? Truly I’ meters shocked!

Right after shitting on Doja Kitty and then slapping at Nicki Minaj (who did the remix of Say So with Doja Cat) because of not speaking out for black individuals by holding Doja responsible, she changed it up plus decided to expose the wedded men she’ s got with. Azealia wants to uncover them because they have never widely stood up for her anytime she gets shit through the media for saying some thing stupid, or whatever. Unsure why a married guy would expose his infidelity ways by standing up on her, but okay.   I suppose those hair amulets of defense only achieve this much.

Yet although she’ s crazy that Dave Chappelle hasn’ t pulled a Chief Save-A-Ho for her, she’ g let him fuck that tale energy into her once again.   She said, via  HotNewHipHop:  

“ I have in fact fucked a lot of fucking extremely fucking men and you will banging gag if I spill all of the fucking tea and mess up all the fucking marriages. Result in it’ s a lot of herbal tea that I be wanting to leak on you black n*ggas. Specifically like when you be viewing me get attacked within the media and shit and you also don’ t come to the rescue and shit such as that– like Dave Chappelle I should ruin your fuckin’ marriage. I should ruin your own fuckin’ marriage. I should inform the fuckin’ world that people fucked. That we fucked. You have some good dick n*gga. I ought to tell the whole fucking globe that we fucked. Cause y’ all n*ggas don’ big t look out for me so what the particular fuck I’ m maintaining secret for yall n*ggas for? What the fuck I’ m keeping secret pertaining to yall n*ggas for?! Simply no: Dave Chappelle could bang me again. That was some really good black dick. That was the right, strong manding. Manding! Which n*gga’ s a story, I was like: yes, n*gga. Give me that fucking story energy I will snatch that will shit right out. ”

Properly, Dave Chappelle you should have looked after Azealia Banks that time the particular media reported her antics– you can pick which one . And has no problem defending difficult people therefore he probably just doesn’ t like Azealia Banking institutions.

Azaelia reports in the past that she doesn’ t fuck black males, and so the internet pointed that will out:

On top of Azealia outing herself as Brian Chappelle’ s one-time part piece, she also stated to have sucked Adrian Grenier’ s supposedly obese hog of the dick regarding 30 minutes and believes he’ s a closeted gay and lesbian man. Maybe Adrian had been just really, really anxious, because he’ s obtained a farm animal to get a dick and he knows exactly what Azealia has done to other plantation animals in the past ….

Picture: Wenn. com