Emily Giffin knows her comments regarding Meghan Markle were crass!

As we reported, the Something Borrowed author got serious backlash last month whenever she called the 38-year-old Duchess of Sussex a “ phony” and “ unmaternal. ” Now, weeks right after issuing a mildly-salty apology , the scribe admits that will she went way too considerably with her remarks.

Talking with The   AP , Emily said:

“ Well, you know, there’ s one thing to have, you understand, to in general have genuine criticisms of people, but that’ s a whole other factor. My comments were not genuine. They were just mean, therefore that’ s sort of 2 separate things. ”

The author went on to explain that even though it’ s okay in order to criticize celebs, there’ t a difference between criticizing plus hating.

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She added:

“ I mean, I do think it’ s OK that there’ s this whole concept of is it ever OK in order to criticize one another? You know, because women or as is individuals like should we simply never get to criticize? And i believe we can go too far with this. I don’ t believe we need to treat each other along with kid gloves. Women deal with each other as women along with kid gloves, especially when belittled. Criticism is legitimate. Yet just that wasn’ t the situation with these comments. ”

It certainly was not.   As we documented, Emily sparked outrage along with her commentary on a video clip Meg and Prince Harry shared showing them reading through to their son Archie because they raised money for Save the Children .  

In the comments part of an “ unbiased” Markle account on Instagram , she had written:

“ Pretty child and book. Yet …. Holy ‘ myself first. ’ This is the Megan show. Why didn’ capital t she film and allow Harry read? And the reason why didn’ t she take those moment at the end to say ‘ he said daddy! ’ Because that would make it regarding Harry for a split second, The almighty forbid… also, you want personal privacy for your child so you create a video (by your certified biographer) of him …. wearing no pants?! Ooookay…. ”

After sketching the ire of Markle supporters, the author took to her very own IG account to clear the environment, telling readers that the girl strong anti-Meghan take stemmed from her disagreeing along with how the couple handled #Megxit.

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Making it very clear that her remarks acquired nothing to do with the actress’ race, Emily wrote:

“ To be obvious, I absolutely loved that a biracial, American woman was getting married to into the Royal Family. This seemed a wonderful, happy factor for everyone. I celebrated their own wedding by hosting a collecting here at my home plus posting many, many pictures. Further, I was appalled simply by any signs of racism towards her. Over recent a few months my feelings about EACH Harry and Meghan transformed. But I can say from your bottom of my coronary heart that my criticism associated with Meghan has never had everything to do with her race… Further, I understood exactly why she wanted to leave the particular monarchy and carve out her very own path. I do, however , discover fault with the way EACH she and Harry dealt with things, and those feelings bled over in later content, including the ones today. I could see how some of my blogposts may have felt mean-spirited, and may be construed as getting racial undertones. It was not really my intent, but I realize that intent and effect are two very different elements. And I am truly i am sorry for that negative impact. ”

Do U believe she learned her training, Perezcious readers?