During final night’s final presidential issue, supposed catfishing chameleon extraordinaire Aubrey O’Day fallen another October Surprise simply by spilling shit she statements she knows about all of Donald Trump’s kids, except for long term children’s table resident plus LGBQIIA ambassador   Tiffany Trump . This can be the only time when Tiffany is happy to be the Lea Michele to everyone’s Jessica Lange . This was the bold and brave proceed Aubrey’s part because it reminded everyone that she banged Donald Trump, Jr. more often than once. I mean, I thought that the reason behind Aubrey’s multiple face adjustments on Instagram was because of her wanting people to ignore that she’s the Aubrey O’Day who opened up the girl coochie for THAT. But I suppose not…

Aubrey was on the fifth period of The particular Celebrity Apprentice in 2012, and that’s exactly where she met her “ soulmate ” plus holemate DTJ while he or she was still married in order to Vanessa Trump . Aubrey and DTJ allegedly fucked on the lower low, and his dick rattled her brains so much that will she sang two songs regarding him . Surprisingly, Aubrey didn’t undergo brain surgery to eliminate the part that recalls that dark time in the girl life, because she recalls a lot and dropped a few alleged secrets about the Trump kids during last night’s debate between Trump  plus Joe Biden . When Trump raised Hunter Biden , Aubrey, who is upon Team Biden, tweeted that will DTJ hates Trump, stated that a Miss Universe produced the same wrong decision the girl did by doing a Trump, and outed Ivanka Trump . Aubrey later deleted this twitter update, because I guess she will not want to dip into the girl canine dye fund to pay for lawyers:

And two other tweets that will she deleted, Aubrey stated that Barron Hilton is really a regular Nicola Peltz . And in case individuals didn’t get it the first time, the girl repeated her claim that constipated vampire Jared Kushner is usually Ivanka’s beard, via Newsweek :

“and while we are in it.. I have texts associated with don jr telling me personally what a little shit asshole* barron is. That they had been on the private jet plus barron didn’t like their food so he put the plate across the plane on the attendant. NONE of these people are BLAMELESS of being assholes & liars! ”

An additional deleted tweet read: “We need to stop discussing children.. because Ivanka is a saphic girls, yet doesn’t support women’s rights in this administration that will she RUNS on the low. ”

Aubrey also co-signed what Penn Jillette said about racist clips that left Trump’s mouth during recording of  The Celeb Apprentice :

Really dont know if I buy the entire “Ivanka is really a big lez” thing, and if she is, after that I’m sure the Lesbian porn Chapter of the LGBTQ local community will politely decline the girl application. If Aubrey declared that Ivanka was a-sexual, I’d believe that, because if your father was Donald Trump and regularly threw fuckme eye at you, your capability to get the tingles in your down-low parts would quit a person faster than Melania Trump’s hand quit Trump’s foot at last night’s debate:

And about the Eric Trump thing, there was a Skip Universe on Aubrey’s time of year, Dayana Mendoza. There were gossips that Donald Trump plus Dayana had an affair, but the lady denied that . And when she responds to this Aubrey shit, I’m sure she’ll say, “One day while in the boardroom, We decided to help the cleansing crew and was about to get the trash when an unpleasant stench got to me and am threw up all over this. So Aubrey may have strolled in and seen myself holding a bag associated with vomit-covered trash and mistook it for Eric Trump. Easy mistake!

Picture: Wenn. com