When Atalanta coach Gian Piero Gasperini was struggling with the CCP malware in mid-March, the prospect of entering Bergamo’ s hospital— which was full of COVID-19 patients on the time— made him anxiety for his life.

“ Every 2 minutes an ambulance exceeded by. … It appeared like a war, ” Gasperini said. “ At night, I might think, ‘ If go ahead there (the hospital), what is going to happen to me? ’ ”

Fortunately just for Gasperini, he quickly retrieved and did not have to look at the Pope John XXIII hospital. The coach just recently confirmed that he got the virus when the entire group was tested 10 days back, he said in an job interview with the Gazzetta dello Sports activity published on Sunday.

The 62-year-old Gasperini started feeling sick on 03 9, a day before Atalanta played at Valencia within the second leg of the Winners League round of sixteen.

He stated that when he returned in order to Bergamo, which was quickly getting the epicenter of the outbreak, “ I didn’ to have a fever but We felt destroyed and as merely had a 40-degree (Celsius, or even 104 Fahrenheit) fever. ”

Many professionals have pointed to the first-leg game between Atalanta plus Valencia on Feb. nineteen in Milan as one of the greatest reasons why the virus was therefore deadly in Bergamo. The particular match has been dubbed “ Game Zero” by the nearby media.

Using the virus advancing rapidly throughout Europe, the second leg within Valencia was played with no fans. Still, more than thirty-five percent of Valencia’ h team became infected.

More than 16, 500 people have died from the trojan in the Lombardy region that contains Bergamo, which has been one of the hardest-hit cities.

“ It will take years to really determine what happened, ” Gasperini mentioned. “ Every time I think about this, it seems absurd: The high stage of our sporting (achievement) coincided with the city’ s greatest pain.

“ I feel more Bergamasco today, ” added Gasperini, who might be from the Turin area.

Previously the only person in Atalanta who was confirmed because testing positive for the disease was reserve goalkeeper Marco Sportiello.

Atalanta advanced to the quarterfinals upon 8-4 aggregate but have not played since then with soccer not due to reboot in Italy till mid-June.

“ Atalanta can help Bergamo recuperate, while respecting the pain and the ones in mourning, ” Gasperini said. “ It will take time for you to see people celebrating once again in the piazzas or on the airport, but the Bergamaschi maintain their fires burning beneath the ashes.

“ There isn’ t one particular player who left the town. More than one of them lost bodyweight, which could also be the indication of psychological issues, ” the coach added. “ It’ s difficult to learn everyone’ s repressed psychological state. Some of them had their loved ones far away.

“ One thing for sure, though, would be that the squad remained connected with Bergamo’ s suffering and it will provide that out onto area. ”

By Andrew Dampf