An Artist shows how to embrace scars with an art and felicity. They really do become part of our life and stays with us forever.

Art has shown us the best way to deal with them nevertheless scars are beautiful they dedicate a surreal story. Nowadays art has been so advanced that moreover it can create an art and give a new meaning to you furthermore to your life.

Here are the pictures by the artist and the artist’s transformation of scars into an art.

#1. Boo.

#2. Sky light.

#3. Star Wars.

#4. Every mother’s dream.

#5. Love for sharks.

#6. Wow.

#7. That’s a real bone.

#8. Awesome, Creativity.

#9. Oh, I love flowers.

#10. Let it glow.

#11. Pokemon lover.

#12. Wine spilled perfectly.


#13. Little cute flowers.



Source : Facebook