Victoria Dall a young blogger proved to everyone that modern art does not need any photo shop. She created her own portrayal by displaying all modern art without any help of a photo shop.

All the equipment’s she use are real in fact as she likes to keep it real. She was rejected by many photographers for her unique ideas but she did not give up. She began to shoot herself with her own new ideas.

By her creativity and imagination she began to shoot and click pictures and hence came up with many new ideas, therefore now she has become very famous among young bloggers.

Everyone wants to hire her but she refused to do that because as earlier they did not believe in her creativity. Now she likes to revert to every comments on Instagram and likes to tell them about her own creativity and art.

Her pictures are hard to believe as there is no photo shop in her modern art creativity.

Here are the Pictures:
































Victoria says, “She hopes to use art as means to reach people’s mind with the importance of paying attention to these problems. Now she plans to create more photos dedicated to the protection to the environment and wild animals”.


Source: Bright Side