There’s quite a lot wrong with modern society. Everyone has expressed concern with how the government is run in one way or another. People are frequently more concerned with how tax paying citizens are treated on a daily basis. There are also technology-centric problems focused on social media and the Internet controlling our lives. It seems like everyone has a problem with society, but nobody has a concrete solution.

Fortunately, artist John Holcroft found a way to perfectly depict our issues in his illustrations. He combines modern frustrations with images that look straight out of an advertisement in the 1950s. This mix of retro with modern hysteria brings either clarity or more confusion to our problems, depending how you look at it.

We sleep the day away while there is money to be made.

We often feel that we will finally be happy once we have the things we desire.

Our mood for the day is a lottery.

Being too frugal is a problem.

We miss the world around us because we are glued to our phones.

Bankers keep inflating their wallets.

Contracts often feel like a punishment.

Facebook “likes” are feeding our egos.

There are more single people who never want to settle down.

It’s awful to be the lowest rung on the totem pole.

We go through our days empty headed.

Utility companies can charge whatever they like.

No one knows what the economy will do.

The Chinese government is shelling out dollars to its citizens.

Alcoholism makes us think we are something more than what we actually are.

The school system is causing children to conform and not use their minds.

Art is a great mirror for society. It really shows what’s happening in the world around us. Thought provoking artwork like Holcroft’s can make us think about how to change these problem, and better illustrate our current problems for future generations.

For more of John Holcroft’s artwork, visit his website here.