From dependence on technology to treating fellow living beings like objects, today’s society has its problems. Despite realizing that some things are wrong or bad for our health, we humans still continue to do them without giving any thought to what the consequences may be. 

John Holocraft, an England-based illustrator, took the time to highlight some of the biggest problems we face today through his interesting, rather satirical illustrations. Holocraft works digitally and you’ll see that his art is inspired by 1950s poster ads. His illustrations will really make you think about the things we already know but choose to ignore. 

Check out his collection below and for more, check out his website


#1 Garbage destroying animals!

#2 Hooked 

#3 They won’t work without it!

#4 Badly distracted by social media!

#5 Smoking Money

#6 Destroying nature for money!

#7 Women are restricted while men do whatever they want!

#8 People packed like fish!

#9 Terrible parents who control their kids’ future!

#10 Sad!

#11 Love? Or a trap?

#12 Stuck

#13 Just running, without really knowing where to!

#14 Surfing 

#15 Hiding bad deeds with money

For more checke out his Facebook page.

(Source: BoredPanda)