Artist create conceptual art by  combining daily objects and spaghetti. Furthermore the result is amazing. Artist has created a new form of art which is really cool.

Artist say, “I’m a visual artist and editorial photographer of Pop Art style based in Málaga, Spain. I love to play with everyday objects and make conceptual art. I made this series using one of my favorite foods because I wanted to see spaghetti somewhere other than a plate, or even in a toilet. These photos will be exhibited in various art galleries around the world”.

Here are the pictures by the artist showing conceptual art.

#1. Cactus.

#2. Vending machine.

#3. Hand.

#4. Type.

#5. Campbell’s.

#6. Smeg.

#7. Nutella.

#8. Grabber Machine.

#9. Toilet.

#10. Mr. Potato.



Source : Bored Panda