A contemporary artist named Naomi Devil who lives in Hungary came up with a Baroque art idea. The paintings define her creativity and imagination  by combining style and choice of  colors. So her paintings portrait naturalism and realism in the contemporary world.

Naomi Devil knew about Baroque art since childhood which is most probably inspired by Renaissance artist who used their painting to be observed instead of criticism.


History of Baroque Art:

Baroque art came from Baroque cultural movement.  So far which led to show a change in the society towards industries.  They are rich in colors which is in addition to light and shadow. A Baroque art is define as a intimate of emotions so therefore it come in landscape form and since sixteen century it is being in practice by many artist.

Baroque artists and form:

There were many Baroque artists but noteworthy artists are Velazquez, Vermeer, Poussin and Caravaggio. First of all the artists used to paint human figures by showing addition in lifestyle  of the people of seventeenth century which consequently depicts the dark side in the contemporary world. Due to this technique it result in a new formation of  Art. Hence the Baroque art is define as a realism in contemporary world which is relevant to European art.


The first Baroque painting:

Nativity by Joseph Di Obidos, 1669. The first Painting from Baroque period.


The Barberini Palace has this painting in the ceiling, which seems like a  gateway of heaven. A painting by Pietro da Cortona.

Naomi Devil was an artist for more than eleven years which is relevant that she had a  thirst for knowledge and creativity. Therefore she raised a question to her own art and wants to go back in the time when Leonardo Da Vinci and Dila used to paint. They mostly used to paint furniture and jewels besides a paining. Because of that they were almost very  famous in their time.

Naomi says, ‘ Her goal is not to become famous with something that she invented ten-twenty years ago. Hence she wants to become famous  for her ability of innovation, rethinking and surprising people with the new.’

 Naomi Devil’s Paintings:

Picture description: Mykonos

– MC Papageno 2


– Fear And Loathing in Ozora.


– Food Envy.


– Cheeky Chiquita.

-Barcelona Pavilian.

– Summer In The Snow.

In Conclusion Naomi Devil quotes, ‘I give a new meaning to these masterpiece by taking out figures from their original context and putting them into new contemporary once.’


Source: boredpanda