Hungary-based artist István Orosz spends his days creating works of art unlike anything you’ve seen before. The artist draws and paints images that appear to have no meaning or missing parts. Yet his pieces completely change when you place a cylindrical mirror atop the artwork. Abstract images suddenly become stunning scenery…or something else entirely.

Orosz became engrossed in the world of theater and stage design after graduating in 1975 from Budapest’s University of Arts and Design.

This gave him a background in hiding what he draws in plain sight…until he wants you to see his work’s true meaning.

István also often uses “Outis” or “Utisz” (no one) as a pseudonym.

He does this as a tribute to Odysseus, Homer’s hero who fought the Cyclops and used this name as well.

Orosz imagines that his art is akin to an Odysseus gesture: some kind of attack upon the eye.

Perhaps that’s why his attack on our own eyes makes the name perfect.

(via Twisted Sifter)