Lantha Naicker the artist who created her art by the help of an Ants and she even pay (sugar) them as well. The art includes Ants and Lantha’s creativity and imagination.

Ants are really great and inspirational insects for the whole world. They had already set an example for us that ‘hard work really pays off’.

She said, “Watch the fun I have created with Ants. Leaving tiny amounts of sugar on a piece of paper to lure them into my drawings. Its gets tricky because they move around quickly and I have to record as fast as I can. It takes numerous attempts. Two of them are failed, but it will improve if I do it again. I am still learning by reading more about photography, HD pictures, and inspecting ants from up close as they are busy with their own tiny lives”.

Here are the pictures by the artist which display ants work in the art which is mind blowing.









Source : Bored Panda