Then 17-year-old Ellen Lietzow nearly died after she refused eat food and drink water for an entire week. Her family thought they would lose her but even doctors were surprised to see an anorexic teen in that condition still breathing. 

Growing up, Ellen used to be on the chubby side of the spectrum and as a result other kids made fun of her weight. She took those jokes and bullying too seriously and by the time she was a teenager, she started keeping a close check on her weight which eventually turned her into an Anorexic person. “I was punishing my body, I didn’t want to put on weight but my family and friends were so angry and frustrated,” she said. 

At one point, Ellen started eating like a normal person and gained weight too but once again, she went on a strict diet and restrained from eating healthy. 

I ballooned to 174lbs (12st 4lbs) and felt so sick with myself I decided last year to lose it all again.” 

Soon Ellen lost almost seven stones (40 kilos) and her body started giving her warnings. She started collapsing, she couldn’t walk to school and blood circulation in her fingers and toes had stopped. Her hair started to fall out and slowly her body started turning blue due to lack of blood circulation. 

Then at one point, Ellen got so obsessed with losing weight that she deprived herself from food and water for a whole week and that’s when her body gave up on her. After a week of thirst, when she finally had a sip of water, she collapsed on the bathroom floor and had a seizure attack. “I just had no energy anymore. I knew I was dying.

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