Nature and God has given beauty to everyone and hence created a fabulous piece of art. Nature has given unique colors to animals which  is hard to believe that they are real in reality.

Animals are born with unique colors and we see them very often but sometimes it’s hard to recognize them.

Nature has given them unique colors which therefore resemble two kinds of its own species. Colors play a really important role in it and thus a really great art of work with nature.

Here are the pictures: 

#1. Venus – The two faced cat has  an unusual friend. Roo, the Kangaroo cat.


#2. Cow no. 7.


#3. A hooded seal. It looks like a leopard.


#4. Okapi, the Giraffe’s cousin.


#5. How do you like their smokey eye or eye makeup?


#6 . “A unique looking Akita”.


#7. “This is my natural color”.


#8. Who watches the watchdog?


#9. When you overslept and forgot to do your makeup.


#10. “My cat has a white arrow on his belly”.


#11. When you’re full of love.


#12. When you listened to your mother and put that hat on.


#13. When nature ran out of paint.


#14. A rare blue lobster.


#15. A rare albino turtle.


#16. A peacock which is partially colored.


Source: Bright side