It’s a saying that “Everyone’s loves coffee” but never thought an artist can use it to display art which is unbelievable and hence its really unique.

The artist use coffee to make portraits of famous people and animals which is really unique. She said, “To put it quite simple, I love coffee so much so that as well as drinking it I paint with it too. I specialize in coffee painting portraits of people and animals which I share both on my You- tube and Instagram as well as selling originals and commissions on my Etsy shop”.

You can follow her on Instagram at @megscoffeeart.

Here are the some pictures by the artist  Megan Kate Potter which is hard to believe.


#1. Wow, unbelievable. 



#2. Our favorite Dwayne Johnson ‘The Rock’. 



#3. A cute picture of a dog.



#4. Will Smith. 



#5. Cutie pie.

#6. Aretha Franklin.

#7. A  Giraffe.

#8. Streling K. Brown. 

#9. A Rabbit. 

#10. Lupita Nyong’O. 

#11.  A Camel. 

#12. A Lion. 



Source: Bored Panda