An artist based in Prague, Kristian Mensa used her kitchen appliances and turn them into an art. She combined her kitchen utensils with Star Wars characters and created her own art.

She said, “While I was waiting for a water to boil I’ve decided to go through my kitchen tools and turn them into some of the Star Wars characters (but shh… I’ve never seen the movie though)”.

Art can be created by anything, it all depends on the artists creativity and imagination. Kristian Mensa used ordinary kitchen appliances and created the art which is really very impressive due to her creativity and imagination.

Here are the pictures of Kristian Mensa’s art by using ordinary kitchen appliances.

#1. Darth Vader. 

#2. Yoda. 

#3. R2D2. 

#4. Stormtrooper. 

#5. Chewbacca. 

#6. Leia Organa. 

#7. Jar Jar Binks. 

#8. Luke Skywalker. 



Source : Bored Panda