So far, during  Johnny Depp’ h libel tussle with The Sun over all of them calling him a “ wife-beater” in a headline, we’ ve only heard from their side including several accusations from Johnny and the like that will paint their ex-wife Silpada Heard because the diabolical lie-telling violent one particular in the relationship. The clips cherry on this messy clips sundae from HELL was an image of the actual shit that Johnny promises Amber left in his mattress as punishment and is those that have made him realize their relationship had officially landed within the shitcan and was more than. Today, Amber Heard required the stand in London to inform her side, and she stated the exact opposite of Ashton testified and claims this individual repeatedly got violent along with her and threatened in order to kill her many times. Plus Amber’ s testimony is definitely expected to go on for two a lot more days, so keep your vat of holy water end.

Johnny testified that Amber not only mistreated him but lied regarding him abusing her. Within her testimony and in claims she gave to the courtroom, Amber told several cases of Johnny’ s alleged chaotic ways. According to Page Six , Amber said that Johnny strongly attacked in a hotel room within Tokyo during a fight regarding her signing a prenup (she eventually did not indication that prenup). And that for 3 days in March 2015, Johnny kept her kept hostage in their Australian leasing house and repeatedly defeat her and threatened in order to kill her.

Amber said in the girl statement to the court that will throughout their four-year romantic relationship and 15-month marriage, Ashton physically abused her fourteen times. Several of Johnny’ s i9000 ex and current workers claimed they never noticed him abuse her. Emerald said in her declaration that’ s because he often abused her “ behind closed doors . ” through Web page Six :

“ A few incidents were so serious that I was afraid he or she was going to kill me, possibly intentionally or just by shedding control and going beyond the boundary, ” Heard said. “ He explicitly threatened in order to kill me many times, specifically later in our relationship. ”

“ Through the years, Johnny threatened me a great deal about me leaving your pet. He would talk about what he’d do to me if I remaining him, such as, ‘ I am going to cut up your face so nobody will want you ever again’ and about how he understood people who could ‘ crack a leg, real inexpensive. ’ ”

“ He would blame all of the his actions on a self-created third party instead of himself, which usually he often called ‘ the particular monster, ’ ” Noticed said. “ He would talk about it as if it was another individual or personality and not your pet doing all these things. ”

Ashton was also really controlling plus beyond jealous, so stated Amber. We already know that the particular living and breathing Solution Army scarf section believed Amber was messing around upon him along with Elon Musk , Teknik Delevingne , and James Franco . But according to Amber, Ashton thought she got along with nearly everybody she individuals like Eddie Redmayne ( The Danish Young lady ), Jim Sturgess ( London Areas ), Channing Tatum ( Magic Paul ), Kevin Costner ( 3 Times To Kill ), Liam Hemsworth ( Paranoia ), Kelli Garner ( Again ), and Billy Bob Thornton ( London Fields ). Amber auditioned with Leonardo DiCaprio once, and Ashton thought she was making love with Leo too. Plus Johnny had nicknames for many her alleged side-pieces, nicknames that make him sound like the Dlisted writer.   through Web page Six :

“ He’d taunt me about it – especially when he was intoxicated or high – together derogatory nicknames for every certainly one of my male co-stars this individual considered a sexual danger, ” she said within the statement.

“ For example , Leonardo DiCaprio has been ‘ pumpkin-head, ’ Channing Tatum was ‘ potato-head’ plus ‘ Jim Turd Sturgess. ’ ”

The real Pumpkinhead is not really amused about being pulled into this real-life headache.

Amber testified that Johnny would attempt to trick her into acknowledging she cheated on your pet by telling her that will someone told him regarding her affairs. Amber furthermore claimed that Johnny might read the scripts of the films she was in to see in case there were sex scenes and got more and more controlling as to what was acceptable for her to complete in movies. Amber didn’ t want to deal with Johnny’ s jealousy so the lady turned down roles which adversely affected her career plus bank accounts.

Whenever Johnny was on the remain, The Sun’ s lawyer Sasha Wass questioned your pet about the accusation that he angrily dangled one of Amber’ h Yorkies, Gun (of the particular anti-quarantine rebel duo Boo & Pistol ), away from a car window during a battle with her in March 2013 and thought the whole thing has been funny. Johnny denied this. But Amber said it do happen , although he or she did it to Boo instead of Pistol and howled when he held the poor pooch out from the window of a moving vehicle.

You know, I’ m going to need both Boo and Pistol to take the particular stand. They don’ big t even have to say anything (you actually know, because dogs may talk in human). These people just have to sit there. After all, this whole disturbing damage of a trial could use a few palate-cleansing cuteness.

Here’ s Amber plus Johnny showing up to courtroom in London today:

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